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Data Governance Manager

Data Governance Manager

Job Description

Job ID: HNMJD792

Role: Data Governance Manager
Locations: Belgium
Required Skills:
Technical skills
• Project & change management
• Passive knowledge of data science & governance tools and the cloud environment
- good understanding of the main business processes and IT systems involved along the data lifecycle.
- Business-driven and data-minded
- strong business acumen and ability to understand the impact of data in achieving business objectives and to translate them into concrete data needs and actions
- excellent oral/written communication & balanced with assertiveness & respect
- autonomous, efficient and organized and able to respect deadlines
- able to work in a collaborative and service-oriented spirit
- result oriented & perseverant
- Helicopter view, visualizing complex topics in a simple way
- Structured, result-oriented and practical (feet on the ground)
fluent in French, Dutch and English   (((We're looking for a mature profile who can add value
to the team with experiences on working in the cloud environment, working with data
governance tools and knowledge on data regulation. The person understands what transformation/organisation data is about. And he/she can assist and influence
high-level meetings. The person has experience in project management, and has the capability
to bring structure in the team, and understands quickly what are the challenges and how to
mobilize others. Passive knowledge of Collibra, Azur, Terra Data, Scripts, SQL is an added value.
The different teams and meetings he/she will assist are in English, Dutch or French. Understanding
and communicating in these three languages, or in English, is key)))

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